A large project from work that takes a Google Form and creates a Trello Card when a response is submitted. The code also creates a Google Doc for every response based on the answers given. The project was used to organize a multi-department project to switch out the schools LMS. The form was sent to faculty who wanted to transition to the new LMS. This was my first time working with so many users, and I didn’t realize how much data validation should be used on the user’s input. After a few hours, of the form going live, the code was working great, and the input issues were resolved. This project was my initiative after a meeting where I learned we would be manually creating each card of Trello. Although I didn’t know how to use the Trello API, I knew it existed and began learning with the ultimate goal of saving us time and increasing our efficiency. After we announced the transition, our office was swamped and knowing the Trello API has helped saved us hours. The most challenging part of this project was learning how to use Google Script to interact with the Trello API. Although both systems are documented, this was a somewhat unique combination. I had to go to more general guides and conclude the application myself.