Whenever tying something new I try to limit the variables. Similar to a scientific experiment where you attempt to test one variable at a time and keep the rest constant, I attempt to try only one major new thing at a time in a project. This project’s goal was to publish an app on the app store. So I built a relatively simple SwiftUI app, and focused on taking screenshots, filing out forms, and eventually publishing it to the app store.

The App

To save time, I built this rather simple app in an afternoon. The user would click the main view until they arrived at their destination. Each click would give them a different direction taking them on a random adventure. Once they arrive at their mysterious destination the user is presented with a randomized photo challenge.

Publishing the App

Naively I though the publishing process would be quite straight forward, unfortunately it is not. Luckily the internet in its bountiful helpfulness includes a rather simplified and straightforward step by step guid. After following the guide, uploading a build, filing out what seems to be an onslaught of a milling forms and text field regarding descriptions, subtitles, and the always elusive age rating form, my app was ready to be submitted.

## The Review Process

Besides providing a phone number and email to contact in case something goes horribly wrong, the review process was the easiest part. I waited a day in anticipation and received a concise congratulations email that my app was live. You can even download it here:

Get App link