In the short time that the Canvas Quiz Printer has been released I’ve received many replies on the canvas community form. These posts were powerful as they helped me see a problem I never expected, other universities.

The Problem

Soon after I released the extension I got multiple comments of it simply not working. After investigating and conversing with other individuals, the problem was discovered. The use of “Vanity” URL’s prevented the application from triggering and accessing the API. These URLs did not have the expected “” in them. Luckily this was a simple fix and within an hour, the extension was proven to work for these other URLs. This issue though proved the importance of having a community help build a project, as opposed to an individual.

The Power of Crowds

In an interactive game/lesson one sees how ideas are spread. An important lesson is learned at how good or bad ideas can affect groups, and how choosing good team members is vital.

On the fourth stage of the game, we learn that too few of connections can prevent an idea from spreading, and too many results in group think. A goldilocks number of connections is necessary to prevent group think, but allow creative problem solving.

In the case of vanity URLs I was never exposed to the idea. All the canvas instances that I’ve worked with were hosted with “”. However, through using the community, and chatting with specific individuals, the difference in URLs was spotted. The chat form created a diverse group of individuals, and with their help, the problem was fixed.

Going further

If you would like to help out on the Canvas Quiz Printer extension you can fork it from GitHub.

PS. You can install the chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store.