So my college starts late in the year. Its September 4th and I still have a week and a half till classes begin. With that, I’ve always wanted to check out iOS development. So I figure with only 12 days to go let’s see how far I can go and if I should think more about iOS and less about web dev. This isn’t a #100DaysOfCode challenge but it is twelve… 🤷‍♂️


To set the stage, I’ve been programming since high school, but only got intense when I started college studying computer science. I have programmed an Android App with two friends for a class and this isn’t my first time pocking around in XCode, although my only app to date is a button that changes the text of a title (hello world level).


Today I want to get started with Apple’s getting started guide, from there I’m going to go more freeform and try making my app from scratch.


That begin said, I ended up changing from learning Swift from the Getting Started Guide to the Learning SwiftUI.